Back to the training and reset being stiff and sore

So after not going to the gym for a couple of weeks, I hit the weights again. Being who I am I didn’t really reset the weights to a lower mass, all in right? It was gratifying to see that the strength was mostly still there. The number of reps wasn’t really all that changed which felt good. By the end of the Maximum Overload workout the legs were feeling more fatigued then I was used to. The other thing I noticed was that the polymetric type of exercises that I have been trying to end on, box jumps, step ups and step overs were certainly lacking the snap of the past. That is ok, after all I have been sick and not on my legs like usual. Finished up on the treadmill just to run on really tired and peaked legs, ouch not sure how good an idea that was.

The next day it was time to dig deep and really try to destroy myself in spin class. I use spin class to get a random mix of interval types in one session. Usually there are sprints with load with short respites, I try to treat these like over/unders. Dig really deep on the short sprints and take just enough of the edge off in the in-betweens to make sure my recovery is incomplete. Then some steady state climbs. The instructor guidance is usually for steady effort for the whole set, but I usually try to break these into two parts, high cadence high power climbing for half and then really load on the load and grind. I am spent at the end but also started with a real feeling of muscle soreness (not pain, just deep usage kind of fatigue from yesterday).

Was already starting to tighten up that night and tried to roll it out.

Next day was taking T to riding and bringing my bike for some time on Freeman, a steady hill on the east side of town. Steady state/ tempo riding was in the plan. 15 min of steady climbing and then an easy spin down. 3 x and the tank was empty, 20 min or so of easy spinning to cool down and pump out the legs.

Rest day today… needed.


Training again or seeking the fun?

Well this week brings me back to the road bike after a bit of a hiatus for a few reasons. I’m only just starting to plan goals and races for the coming year, but it is good to be back rolling around the roads. Wednesday night found me back at the Crit Training.

IMG 6155

Of course following that was the 138th night ride to the 7-11 on the squishy bikes, always a fun ride. Not about training but about remembering that bikes are about fun and friends. To me that is the thing that keeps me going on and on…

Today brought me back to the mountains and spinning my fatter self up Mount Lemon. Never easier only faster is what I keep thinking as I go up, good to set a starting point. Is the training started, nope but the base is getting built.

IMG 6159

Why I Train…

This really struck me and does answer for my why I train…