July 6, 2017: FTP Test day…

So today was FTP test day… Not entirely happy with my performance. I did gain some watts from the last time, looking at about 280watts for FTP was hoping for a little more. Probably the hard part is I’m not exactly sure what kinds of gains are reasonable or expected. Knee pain was less then it was yesterday so I am a bit hopeful that it really was more of a muscle issue rather then joint.

So what is the FTP test protocol that I followed

  1. Warm up well for 20-30 minutes with 3-4×60 second accelerations to the pace you plan to hold in the 20 minute TT. Take 2-3 minutes rest between the accelerations
  2. 5 minutes rest before starting the Time Trial.
  3. Then do a 20 minute TT pacing yourself aiming to start at the same wattage as you end with.
  4. Remainder of time ride easy zones 1-2 only.

Take the result from the 20 min and multiply by .95 to get the FTP. My goal was to try to hold as close to 300 watts as I could for the whole time. Really looks to me like I can hold that power for about 15 min and then the power drops off and I really have to keep standing and kicking.


July 5, 2017: spin steady and consistent

So another day just easy spinning. Did a loop around the local roads, smoke is heavy overhead but not too bad down here on the ground. Knee muscle is still bothering me, in the knee joint? Still don’t think so. Home and icing is the recipe for now

July 4, 2017: Zones 1-2 spin: steady and consistent

Today was a fun ride, decided to go on Tim’s 4th of July Ride this ride by Cyclefit Solutions (a local outfit that does bike fits and also helps sponsor a cycling team), seems to be a bit of an annual tradition and was lots of fun. Not a face paced ride which was good for two reasons for me, a bit of knee pain seems to be developing (more in the muscle then the joint so good thing) and the plan was for a gentle ride.

photo credits to Damion Alexander a great cycling advocate for Tucson and always at the ready with his camera.

July 3, 2017: 60 minute Tempo on the Trails

Ride mainly Zone 1-2 for 30 minutes. Follow this with 60 minutes building to Zone 3. Do this section on the trails working on flow at a moderate effort.

So this was a bit more of a fun ride then initially planned. Due to a unforeseen parental transportation need for Eric, the plan was changed from Pistol Hill south to Urban Assault Loop. This ride makes it a little harder to hit the 60 min tempo just because of the nature of the terrain, but was able to mostly hit my numbers while still keeping it a mostly fun ride with friends.

July 1, 2017: Big Gear Endurance Moderate Effort

Ride Zone 2-3 today. Use big gears only keeping your cadence between 70 and 80 for most of the ride. For any climbs you encounter, push even a bigger gear at 60-70 rpm.

Climbs I encounter, ha ha ha. Really, so probably blew the zone out of the water a bit here since I went up mount lemon and decided to play Sam the YoYo. What is this game you speak of? Well, Eric and I start together and I ride up the hill at a slightly faster pace and he tells me where to go to turn around, and off I go as he grinds up the hill. Then I turn around and roll down to him and then we play again, over and over again… Intervals of unknown length…

Worked on nutrition again today, was a bit of a struggle to get the required calories down, certainly going to have to rethink a bit here. I’m thinking can’t go strait water am going to have to have some calories in there as well. Probably try scratch which should help provide a calorie base that I can build on with gels and the like.

Well looking at the numbers it looks like I was in zones 2-3 for about 2:30 min of the ride, zone 4 for about 1:30 so maybe not that far off, probably should of held back a bit more on the climbing efforts but it was hot so I was maybe in a hurry to get up high where it gets cooler.

June 30, 2017: 2 min intervals: 4+ repeats with Power Only

If you have anything left after 4 of these, do one more maximal effort with whatever you have left. Today’s workout is a maximal day, so leave nothing left.

Always training rides up Mt. Lemon have a special feeling, always suffering, the only thing that changes is how long the duration and how close to the edge you get. I do worry that doing intervals undermines the rest portions of the sets a bit… Still struggle a bit holding the high power levels at the end of each interval… too hard at the start or just a lack of commitment to the suffering?

June 28, 2017: easy mtn bike “flowing”

 Ride Zones 1-3 off road. During this ride focus on “flowing” through the trails. Look ahead and into the trail, brake before/after and not into the turns, and think/plan ahead.

So today was hot… how hot? Well it was 105 when I started riding and cooled down to a comfortable 103 by rides end. The impact was that I think that my heart rate was a little skewed (cardiac drift much) but over all felt pretty good given that I had a fever yesterday.

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