July 16, 2017: Zone 2 endurance pedal

Yesterday was a hard day, had to adjust ride plan a little, legs empty, motor not running on a full tank. Hydration levels impacted from yesterday, soft pedals needed to flush the legs.

Ride with Eric, lots of chatting, never push the pace, spin the legs. Flush. Head to A mountain, never ridden this, keep spinning, open the gap, not pushing, but spinning, ever upward. Feel the lead come out of the legs, pedal a little harder, keep the heart rate low. Dude in Italian kit and no helmet spins past me. Nope, time to spin the legs with a bit more pressure, ignore the heart rate. Pip him at the top. Roll down to the juncture and head back up to catch Eric on his time up… feeling nice, amazing views.

Roll gently back home, talking, pedaling and slowly open a gap again… oops, soft pedal more.


July 13, 2017: short sharp intervals in the amphibian graveyard

Today was 2×5 max effort intervals. So off to the base of reddington pass for some short sharp efforts. OUCH. lots of dead frogs on the road was a distraction but not all that welcome 😉 legs were burning but not sure if this hill is perfect for me and this set of intervals, to steep at the start seem to make the legs get blasted to early. Have to look at the actual numbers…

July 11, 2017: over unders in the rain…

Today was a longish day for a mid-week training ride, 3 hours. The goal for this ride was to go out and warm up and then do a set of 3 20 min time trial type efforts. The best part of this ride was the weather, sprinkles and cool mist are a nice respite from the recent days just suffering in the heat. Felt good but not the power I would of liked to of held. Fatigue or just unrealistic expectations?IMG 0092

July 6, 2017: FTP Test day…

So today was FTP test day… Not entirely happy with my performance. I did gain some watts from the last time, looking at about 280watts for FTP was hoping for a little more. Probably the hard part is I’m not exactly sure what kinds of gains are reasonable or expected. Knee pain was less then it was yesterday so I am a bit hopeful that it really was more of a muscle issue rather then joint.

So what is the FTP test protocol that I followed

  1. Warm up well for 20-30 minutes with 3-4×60 second accelerations to the pace you plan to hold in the 20 minute TT. Take 2-3 minutes rest between the accelerations
  2. 5 minutes rest before starting the Time Trial.
  3. Then do a 20 minute TT pacing yourself aiming to start at the same wattage as you end with.
  4. Remainder of time ride easy zones 1-2 only.

Take the result from the 20 min and multiply by .95 to get the FTP. My goal was to try to hold as close to 300 watts as I could for the whole time. Really looks to me like I can hold that power for about 15 min and then the power drops off and I really have to keep standing and kicking.

July 5, 2017: spin steady and consistent

So another day just easy spinning. Did a loop around the local roads, smoke is heavy overhead but not too bad down here on the ground. Knee muscle is still bothering me, in the knee joint? Still don’t think so. Home and icing is the recipe for now

July 4, 2017: Zones 1-2 spin: steady and consistent

Today was a fun ride, decided to go on Tim’s 4th of July Ride this ride by Cyclefit Solutions (a local outfit that does bike fits and also helps sponsor a cycling team), seems to be a bit of an annual tradition and was lots of fun. Not a face paced ride which was good for two reasons for me, a bit of knee pain seems to be developing (more in the muscle then the joint so good thing) and the plan was for a gentle ride.

photo credits to Damion Alexander a great cycling advocate for Tucson and always at the ready with his camera.