Understanding Carb Loading – The Feed

Understanding Carb Loading – The Feed

“It’s almost as much a part of sport as the race itself.  You sign up for a run, ride, or triathlon, and you have the option of joining the pre-race pasta dinner.  If you sign up for the dinner, you show up to find hoards of athletes piling all sorts of pasta and rice onto their plates under the auspices that they’ll need the calories and glycogen tomorrow.  But, is that really true?”

So as I take on these longer and more draining events, as well as training, it certainly has been more and more on my mind. How to eat, what to eat and when. Digging past all the fads and anecdotal stories is hard, I am learning what doesn’t work for me however 😉 I do know first had what happens when I don’t eat in the middle of hard efforts that go past the 45 min mark. On the other hand I have felt when my body just starts digging into other sources during a ride when I ride in fasting mode…