Holiday rides are more then just something to do

Just me and the bike out for a spin.

Well it is time to start riding again. Enough of the rest time and enough of unfocused time. Focus is about making every ride about something, is it about power, is it about endurance, is it about recovery. Every ride can be about getting somewhere down the road.

So what then was today about, that is a good question. Today was about sustained effort. Freeman is a good place for me to work on this. Hard effort, stop sign, hard effort, probably should of done some laps up this but it is a start.TrainingPeaks Plan your training track your workouts and measure your progress

Too much time in the idle zone, have to push harder on the sections I should push. Not a great plan today…

Training again or seeking the fun?

Well this week brings me back to the road bike after a bit of a hiatus for a few reasons. I’m only just starting to plan goals and races for the coming year, but it is good to be back rolling around the roads. Wednesday night found me back at the Crit Training.

IMG 6155

Of course following that was the 138th night ride to the 7-11 on the squishy bikes, always a fun ride. Not about training but about remembering that bikes are about fun and friends. To me that is the thing that keeps me going on and on…

Today brought me back to the mountains and spinning my fatter self up Mount Lemon. Never easier only faster is what I keep thinking as I go up, good to set a starting point. Is the training started, nope but the base is getting built.

IMG 6159

Back to the log

Well, my first ‘race season’ has come to a close. Given a general lack of goals I think things went fairly well. Training towards the end of the season got a little unfocused due to helping a friend with important goals. Way to go Eric. He had his ticket to Kona, what a journey. My race calendar was eclectic but did give me a sense of what I like, how my body reacts to some extreme edges, and a sense of where the holes are. Coming posts will be some reflections on some of the ‘key’ races from the past season. Evaluating training errors and lessons learned. And looking forward to the coming season and some challenges that are on the horizon.

The advantage to being new to all this is lots to learn and still pretty easy to get faster 😉

Why I Train…

This really struck me and does answer for my why I train…

How to eat healthy without going hungry

How to eat healthy without going hungry

“Doctors and health scientists use the term ‘satiety’ to refer to that feeling of satisfaction, or lack of hunger, which every person needs in order to sustain healthy eating habits. The concept of satiety has received a lot of attention lately thanks to research demonstrating that very few people have the ‘willpower’ to sustain a diet that leaves them feeling hungry most of the time.”

The suggestion that resonates with me is the early triggering of the feeling of fullness, slow that pipeline down before you start eating…

Hunger-Killing Appetizers

  • Three whole-wheat crackers with low-fat cheddar cheese
  • Small spinach salad with olive oil dressing
  • Three celery or carrot sticks dipped in peanut butter
  • Small bowl of miso soup
  • 225g serving of nonfat yogurt
  • 100g edamame (steamed soybeans)

Dumbbell complex training for faster running

Dumbbell complex training for faster running

“Running faster race times requires more than just running further or choosing the right shoe. The scientific literature supports the addition of heavy weight lifting and explosive jump training to endurance running training as a way to improve running performance (Beattie et al., 2014).”

This looks like a good collection of lower body focused strength traning. I know that running is my weakest area and probably requires conscious additions to my workouts, strength and speed, I feel that the endurance is starting to be there but I know as as start to tire, the mechanics and turnover tumble down…