Resting and Sickness, remove the choice…

I struggle with not training, I know strange to some ears but not to those that know me. I like to train, it is a release, a time to not think about stuff. It is my time. I sleep better, my mood is better, and trust me my family is happier then when I don’t have my grump on. However, this week I have been sick, after my ride on Saturday morning, I slept, on the couch, probably drooling. As the day went on I felt worse and worse, throat, congestion, aches. Now I knew, and Eric knew, it was coming on the ride. We cut the plan short (I think he was happy to oblige) and I ducked off home part way back to where we met, no need to round out the miles that day.

Sunday I was a mess, barely able to keep the laundry rolling, skipped my usual Sunday long, slow ride. Recovery I hoped would bring a happy feel good Monday.

Monday was not very good either, racking cough, running (ok sprinting) nose, and oh my body felt like I had swum miles and miles. Skip the training plan for Monday, no Maximum Overload strength for me.

Tuesday wasn’t that much better, also made the mistake and took NyQuil rather then DayQuil which really takes the bar of low productivity and smashes it on the ground. Skip the spin class, no intervals and sweat pouring time emptying myself.

Wednesday, feeling better (not sounding much better). But the wind on the road is going to be brutal and here that means dust, and allergies on full alert. Best to take another day.

Sleep is getting harder.


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