189147 1002678621403 2423 nI am filled with a sense of deep loss today as I hear of the passing of Bob Bennen, he will be deeply missed by his community and his family. I met Bob a few years ago on my first group ride, we chatted and he gave me some little tips. As the ride went on I told him that I was starting to get ready for my first triathlon and he said “we should get together sometime and we can run through how it works” You know what people tell you “someday” but not Bob, a couple of weeks later he pinged me on Facebook and followed up.

We met at Patagonia lake and he showed me how he laid his gear out for each transition and why, talked about how others did it too. Then we went into the water and swam around the lake, then we ran out and geared up for the bike. After riding to Nogales and back I switched to running gear and didn’t even notice Bob was not. He told me to go for a quick run, he was going to skip it as “it wasn’t in his plan” Nope Bob’s plan was to grill some chicken and amazingly fresh vegetables that he had marinated, re-heat some rice and I am pretty sure whip up some fresh salsa on the spot. I got back from my run ready to eat the sandwich that I had brought… how wrong I was.
He took the time to help me and gave me lessons I have used ever since. This was the man he was, he was one of the good ones, we had only met once or maybe twice, have a couple of common friends but he spent the day helping me, teaching me because this is who he was. I continued to ride occasionally with him, run every once in a while. I would see him at HS swim meets when our daughters were racing. I will miss him.

He was one of the “Good ones” his loss will be deeply felt in so many communities and by his family in a way that is unmeasurable.


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