July 9, 2017: Laps at 24 hour, 20 min temp-oh

So the goal for today was to ride for 3-4 hours and get three 20 min tempo sessions with about 5 min rest in between. Eric joined me for this adventure and we were wheels down at 5:30 just as the sun was coming over the smokey catalina mountains. After a short warm up until we ‘crossed the road’ then I jumped off on my first 20 min, pushing my tempo and trying to keep the heart rate up… go! Felt fairly good, could still feel a bit of the staleness in the legs from the hill of yesterday. Crested the top of the rise and tried to push the pace down the hill, still time to go. Got to the 24hour town and turned around to finish the set. Passed Eric going back up the hill. Time up, still feel like I can hold a hard pace for about 17 min hard to hold it for the whole 20 min, is this from going to hard from the start or a hole in the fitness?

2nd set and pushing to hard down a part and off the trail and turns out I put a nice hole in the tire that the minimal orange seal seemed to struggle to fill, cost would be paid later…

Next set across the bottom of the course and rear wheel no long holding air so had to stop a couple times to frantically put more air in. Did I ding the rim at this time or is this from earlier? Crap.

Bike change at the car to borrow Eric’s for a second lap. I have gotten used to mine, weird.


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