CSS Layout Tips

CSS Layout Tips:

Alex Robinson is In Search Of The One True Layoyut. A great read, even if it’s been a bit over-hyped by some people. His simple description of how to create a less crufty 3 column layout is nice, but not as original as some people seem to think it is, and not without its own issues. However the rest of the article is top notch stuff, and pulls together some techniques I’ve seen around into one elegant tutorial and example. High quality reference material for all of us. (Hat-tip: Eric Meyer)

I agree withe the above comments, but it is a fairly complete look at many of the issues for a css nincompoop like myself. It seems like there really should be an evolution to some common set of layouts that can be used as a starting point, but it seems like everyone still feels the need to solve the problems in their own way. Of course the biggest issue is that standards application in web browsers is not Standard šŸ™‚

(Via Twilight Universe.)


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